Increase Reality | Blackout Open Announcement 15.2

On March 5, CrossFit Jääkarhu will host the live Open announcement for CrossFit Games Open Workout 15.2. We are pumped to have CrossFit broadcast—to the world—from our gym! 

What's the Open? 

In anticipation of the Open, we have produced our second gym "jersey" to follow the original blues. Once again the boys at Set and Stone knocked the design out of the park. Simplistic and well made. 

Increase Reality

Perceptions, dreams, desires and goals are words ... targets that are easy to create. Anyone can say they want to go to the CrossFit Games, be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or string 10 muscle-ups together. Those are all audacious statements that require a choice followed by consistent action to make those wishes become real.

Time spent in the dream world is time well spent, if you follow it with foot-to-pavement movement. 

With the Original Blue shirts, we challenged everyone to have the "Audacity to Be" - to boldly state who you are and what you want to be.  With the second jersey release for the gym we challenge you to Increase Reality: make your dreams real with action. 

Blackout for Open Announcement 15.2 

We are going to place an order for these shirts in time for them to arrive for the live Open announcement at CrossFit Jääkarhu. We hope to have as many Polar Bears (and honorary Polar Bears) "blackout" for the Open announcement. Pre-Order your shirt through the links below. Look for the red Pre-Order Now tab


Women's (Ladies this is the same cut as the Original Blues, it fits snug. Choose a size up.) 

Another order for the Original Blue shirts will also be placed with theses new shirts. Pre-orders for the blues are available here: men and women.

 Increase Reality

 Dream a big dream, then go for it.